“The Land of Sheep, Wind and Water” or “Where Rock meets the Sea”. both would be great titles for this little breathtaking place of earth. This journey started in a very typical way as I was told afterwards. My flight got postponed due to windy conditions. I was fortunate to get a flight the same day in contrast to my friend Philip who arrived the next day. In contrast to him I flew with the Faroese airline whose pilots knew their winds. Yet the landing was more like a rollercoaster ride with some passengers screaming, kids crying and me just looking looking to my seat neighbour thinking: “yeah shit that was it”. I am usually not the guy who claps after landing, but this one had well deserved it. I might even have whistled out of excitement. One step out of the plane and a little kiss of heavy wind and rain welcomed us on the Faroe Islands. This place is definitely a new scala of windy. But it’s the same wind that makes this place so special because the weather changes constantly with it. Just wait for a bit and you’ll have a great view. Of course the right scenery is also very important but that’s easy on the Faroes. Around every corner there were high cliffs meeting the rough sea, peaks covered in light snow and an abundance of waterfalls. I must admit that I even had one or two tears of joy in my eye while overseeing the spectacular view of Sørvágsvatn, it’s so surreal that pictures can’t show how magnificent it really is. My biggest surprise though were the heartwarming people of this country. So welcoming, very interested and just made everything so much better. I will never forget my last evening where we ended up with some locals which invited us to their home where we drank beers, ate faroese lamb and even produced a little song in their studio, what a night! I will be back soon!